Saturday, October 31, 2009

KCCT standards in perspective

Kentucky's reading and mathematics Kentucky Core Content Tests have higher proficiency standards than many other states, according to a new analysis from the National Center for Education Statistics (here).

The report worked out what NAEP scale score was equivalent to each state's proficiency cut score. Using that method, the 2007 portion of the study shows that:
  • Only 35 percent of states with reported data had higher fourth grade reading proficiency standards than Kentucky.
  • Only 29 percent had higher eighth grade reading standards.
  • Only 29 percent had higher fourth grade mathematics standards.
  • Only 23 percent had higher eighth grade mathematics standards.
The report also showed that state proficiency standards are almost all lower than NAEP proficiency standards. The only exceptions are Massachusetts grade 4 math, Massachusetts grade 8 math, and South Carolina grade 8 math.

The proficiency standards set in 2007--and used in this NAEP comparison--are scheduled to stay in use through 2011. In 2012, Kentucky will launch new tests required by Senate Bill 1, including new definitions of what scores qualify as proficient.

For number-lovers, the chart below gives the numbers behind the percentages above:

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