Thursday, September 3, 2009

The president and the children

At KSN&C, Richard Day brings it on, starting this way:
In the early 1990’s, then US Congressman Larry Hopkins came to Cassidy School to speak to Marcia Foster’s second grade class. It never occurred to me to ask parents if they wanted their children to be excused from the event.

* * *
He was our duly elected representative; he was there for all children; and we were honored.
The rest (here) is about the President's planned address to school students, urging them to work hard and persevere in their studies.

For myself, I wish President Reagan had thought of an annual opening message and every president since had followed his example. It is not just an opportunity for a president can give voice to our shared national respect for education. It's an opportunity for the students to experience our shared national respect for the leaders chosen through our democratic process, including those for whom we (or our parents) did not vote.

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