Friday, January 30, 2009

Stimulus amounts from NEA

The National Education Association has details on the federal stimulus bill's provisions for education, including state-by-state specifics.

For 2009 (starting July 1), Kentucky is slated to receive the following amounts (in millions):
  • $430.7 for State Fiscal Stabilization Fund
  • $210.0 for School Modernization
  • $132.4 for Federal Pell Grants
  • $82.8 for IDEA Part B
  • $83.4 for Higher Education Modernization
  • $82.6 for ESEA, Title I
  • $15.5 for Head Start
  • $15.4 for ESEA School Improvement Grants
  • $17.3 for Child Care and Block development grant
  • $7.4 for Education Technology
  • $1,077.5 Total
Most amounts will repeat in 2010, but the modernization funds for schools and higher education are removed while Pell Grants and IDEA funding are increased, for a total of $800.8 million.

You can download the complete State Funding Table and see other NEA analysis here. (Hat tip:

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  1. Note that these amounts are in the House version of the stimulus package. The Senate has yet to act.


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