Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kentucky's lead in science

For my first post, I choose a Kentucky achievement. Our students' most recent NAEP scores are stronger than the national average. Our students are also statistically tied with the nation in reading, 4th-grade writing and 8th-grade math, but the lead in science is an especially fine thing to see.


  1. Thank you for sharing your research, knowledge and insight on matters of importance to the students in our schools.

  2. Why did your questionable graph disappear?

  3. David, have you tried refreshing your browser?

  4. Yes, Susan. Several times on three different computers. Sometimes it reappears. Thanks.

  5. David, Something odd is definitely happening. I could see it earlier when I asked about your browser, but not a few minutes ago when I noticed your comment. I've uploaded a fresh copy and hope that will fix the issue. Thank you for letting me know about the problem.

  6. Susan,

    First, welcome to the Blogosphere. It's been a long time in coming!

    Regarding David's comment about the figure sometimes being unavailable, I had the same problem this morning, but as of 4 PM it appears to be stable.

    Regarding the post on NAEP science, there is a lot more to that, which you can see by checking here:

    Note that I linked back to the Prichard Blog, as we really do want to engage in productive conversation. So, again, Welcome.


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