Friday, January 30, 2009

SJR 19: a good step forward on math

Senator Dan Kelly has introduced Senate Joint Resolution 19, aimed at revising the state’s mathematics content standards and related assessments based upon National Council of Teachers of Mathematics recommendations.

I like this legislation because it starts to move Kentucky toward fewer, clearer, and deeper standards based on national expectations, a theme from the recent task force established by Commissioner Draud.

The resolution sets the goal of guiding and encouraging improving math instruction through clearer standards and assessment and, I hope budget support for rigorous professional development to prepare teachers for this responsibility.

Going this direction in the standards and assessment discussion is very consistent with scholars, policy experts and what the new Obama administration in the U.S. Department of Education will attempt and is consistent with our own Prichard Committee ideas for improved standards and assessment.

Indeed, the Senator’s approach—modifying Kentucky’s math standards using nationally established, recognized and respected standards developed by experts, should be the model for making needed adjustments to CATS.

Update: Want to read SJR 19? Click here to go to the legislative record and then on the letters SCS to read the Senate committee substitute version of the resolution.


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