Saturday, January 20, 2018

$308 Million Total Cuts from P-20 Education

| Post by Susan Perkins Weston |

Perry Papka and I have been working through the budget proposals over the last few days, looking at a set of sections one at a time. For readers who want to see the bigger picture, here's a shorter version of what Governor Bevin has recommended:

One clarifying note: an earlier post discussed the Department of Education's funding by comparing the proposed budget to 2018 revised funding. Our later posts compared the proposal to 2018 enacted funding. For consistency, the chart above uses enacted numbers. That's why it shows the Department budget with a $229.7 million cut, rather than the $198.3 million in my earlier post.

For further detail, here's a full list of the other budget posts Perry and I have shared this week:

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