Monday, January 22, 2018

Quality Counts 2018: Kentucky's Core Story

| Post by Susan Perkins Weston |

EdWeek's 2018 Quality Counts ratings are out, and sorting their scores yield a classic statement of Kentucky P-12 education.  We rank:
  • 34th of 50 on Chance for Success, a measure of the socioeconomic resources students bring with them to school
  • 33rd of 49 on School Finance (Hawaii is a single district and can't be scored on equity)
  • 16th of 50 on K-12 Achievement
That really is our core story, Kentucky educators:
  • Serve students with unusually high challenges and
  • Work with unusually weak resources and still still
  • Deliver unusually strong student results
Yes, of course, we have plenty of work to do to achieve the full student results we want.  

Nevertheless, when we see yet again that our hard-working teachers, administrators, and support staff start with less and end with more, I think a little respect is in order.

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  1. Much respect indeed... This circumstance describes the very essence of an efficient system of schools. Too bad that our current legislative leaders lack foresight and seem content to put Kentucky's progress at risk, well short of our goal, through a constitutionally dubious plan of inadequate and inequitable funding.


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