Friday, October 3, 2014

Achievement and Gap Details

For the state as a whole, overall scores moved up by four points of more at each level.  That overall score, in turn, reflected a set of component results, available in the statewide school report card, and starting with the two components shown below.
The achievement score uses a weighted formula to combine K-PREP results for reading, mathematics, science, social studies, writing, and language mechanics.  Schools get full credit for students who score proficient or distinguished, partial credit for students who score apprentice, and extra credit if the number of proficient students is higher than the number at the novice level.

The gap group score combines the same six subjects, but looks only at students who make it to proficient or distinguished, without any partial or extra credit, and only at students from historically under-served groups: low income, limited English, students with disabilities, and students from African American, Hispanic, and American Indian/Native American backgrounds.

If we continue this pace of improvement, we can expect to see all  students fully on track for college and career readiness--as shown by reaching a full 100--within:
  • 10 years for elementary achievement/all students and 17 years for elementary gap group.
  • 18 years for middle school achievement and 29 for middle gap group.
  • 29 for high school achievement and 54 for gap group.
To me, those numbers signal that what we're seeing for 2014 is both good and not good enough.

--Posted by Susan Perkins Weston

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  1. Great Post! Thank you so much. Shared to my social media wall. The college and career readiness projection is astounding!


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