Wednesday, October 13, 2010

South Heights Elementary brings it on!

108 for white students and 108 for African-American students! South Heights Elementary in Henderson County has delivered both excellence and equity in full measure this year.

Those disaggregated index results use a 0-140 scale, with 100 equivalent to the average student being proficient across all subjects.  The index approach is explained here, and results for all schools and districts are available for download here.

I hope to celebrate many other scores as sweet in the years to come, and I know we're getting ready to aim for the higher, college-and-career-ready standards of the future, but thus far, I rank these South Heights results as the loveliest I've seen in my eleven years of sorting through Kentucky results.


  1. Note: South Heights has a library media center modeled on best practice that aligns with Kentucky's recommended school library guidelines, including full-time certified librarian, clerical support, and a flexible access schedule. Research has consistently shown that strong library media programs that are well-staffed and well-funded have a positive impact on student achievement. Way to go, South Heights!

  2. Mary Ann BlankenshipOctober 16, 2010 at 8:23 AM

    I've visited at South Heights several times and am so impressed. One of the most remarkable things is that every single adult who works there is fully engaged in their efforts. The custodial supervisor is a leader in KEA and NEA and she works as hard as everyone else there to make sure their students succeed. The team's success in engaging parents and the community, many of whom would not naturally be engaged, is also remarkable.


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