Monday, October 25, 2010

Delays on additional standards

With 2009's Senate Bill 1, Kentucky committed to clearer, higher standards in all subjects.   Reading, writing, and mathematics are addressed by the Common Core standards we now share with most states in the country.  What about the other subjects?

For science, work is underway to develop a shared multi-state approach.  A draft framework of key issues, developed by the National Research Council was released and gathered public comments this summer.   The planned steps ahead include:

  • A second framework draft for more comments.
  • A final framework draft this winter.
  • At least two drafts of a full standards document, with opportunities for vetting and comments.
  • A final standards document in December 2011.
For social studies, the process to develop a multi-state document looks slower.  The Department's ISN newsletter reported last week that the timetable may take two to three more years.

With new assessments scheduled to start in May 2012, it's probably time to discuss whether the Core Content will have to be the basis for that testing.

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