Thursday, October 21, 2010

Louisville's big goal (and its big name)

A new public-private partnership in Kentucky's largest city aims to raise college attainment dramatically.  Concretely, they want to see 55,000 additional degrees for adults ages 25 to 64 by 2020, and to make the goal unforgettable, they've named the effort "55,000 Degrees."

The goal reflects what will be needed to have 40 percent bachelor's attainment plus 10 percent associate's attainment, which in turn will place Louisville "in the top tier among its peer cities."

The initiative has launched its new website, but has not yet posted the data details behind its goals.  Being a numbers wonk, I naturally want to see the number they've identified as their starting point and thus the degree counts they're seeking to make up the added 55,000 result.

Overall, it looks like a serious push, with substantial institutional and financial support, to make an important difference in a very important community!

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