Thursday, March 1, 2018

House votes to increase P-12 education funding

 | Post by Susan Perkins Weston |

House Bill 200, Kentucky’s budget legislation for the next two fiscal years, is on the move. The House of Representatives just approved its version of the bill. Here’s a look at the major choices the House has made, along with a note that the Senate usually makes other changes and the two chambers negotiate to decide on a final spending plan.

Compared to the budget for fiscal 2018 (basically, the school year we’re in right now), the 2019 budget the House just voted on includes $45 million more in general fund support for the Department of Education. That includes funding increases of:
  • $44 million for the SEEK formula, with an increase to the base guarantee per pupil and a decision not to make a major SEEK transportation cut that Governor Bevin had recommended.
  • $21 million for school facilities
  • $14 million for health insurance for teachers and other school and district employees
  • $11 million for the employer share of contributions for current teachers’ retirement
  • $3 million for the safe schools program
It also includes some of the major cuts the Governor proposed back in January, including:
  • $17 million from textbooks and other instructional resources
  • $12 million from funding for educators’ professional development
  • $3 million from family resource and youth service centers
  • $2 million from overall Department of Education funding
  • $14 million from a set of smaller programs that each had 2018 funding of less than $5 million
The House version of the budget maintains current funding for some other programs, including:
  • Kentucky School for the Blind
  • Kentucky School for the Deaf
  • State operated vocational centers
  • Extended school services
  • Gifted and talented services
  • Mathematics Achievement Fund
  • Preschool
  • Read to Achieve grants
  • State agency children
Our new PrichBlog summary shows added detail, including changes for the 2020 budget and a detail page on small programs that receive less than $5 million in funding. You can download that here, or view the complete budget bill as approved by the House here.

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