Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Explaining SEEK: A New Short Publication

| Post by Susan Perkins Weston |

Following up on a blog post from last fall, the Prichard Committee is now offering a brief “explainer” for the SEEK formula, designed for easy downloading, reading, and printing.

The report summarizes the four main steps of the SEEK funding process:

  • The base guarantee gives all districts matching basic funding per pupil
  • Add-on funding provides extra dollars based on identified student needs
  • Tier 1 offers state equalization dollars to districts that set higher tax rates
  • Tier 2 allows districts to raise further dollars without any state equalization

It also sets out some key concerns about the SEEK formula

  • The base guarantee has not kept up with the cost of living
  • The base guarantee relies more and more on local contributions
  • Transportation add-on funding is far below the state’s own estimate of transportation costs
  • Local Tier 2 revenue is an increasing (and increasingly unequal) part of total SEEK funding

Overall, this new tool is designed to inform Kentucky citizens on the central method our state uses to fund our schools. Please do check it out, and please do share any questions you may have.

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