Thursday, October 27, 2016

NAEP Science: Good, Bad and Ugly in Grade 8, Too

| Susan Perkins Weston |

2015 NAEP science results came out this morning, with grade 8 scale scores showing:
  • Good news with Kentucky students matching or outscoring their peers nationwide both for all students and for those we have historically underserved
  • Bad news with 2015 results not showing improvement from 2009 (the most recent previous year fourth graders took the NAEP science assessment)
  • Ugly news with continuing achievement gaps by race, income, and disability
Here's the good part:

Here's the bad part:

And here is the  all too familiar ugliness of our gaps:

Together, these three charts underline the importance of intensive work to implement Kentucky's ambitious new science standards and the urgent need for leadership and community mobilization to sustain those efforts. Past Kentucky work in science has move our students past national average, but we have major work to do to equip them for full full future success.

All data used here was downloaded today from the NAEP Data Explorer, and a matching grade 4 post is available here.

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