Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sweet results: Allen County AP work and college readiness

The Citizen-Times is sharing some great student results at Allen County-Scottsville High School.  In 2011, the school signed up with AdvanceKentucky--a systematic approach to engaging students in Advanced Placement work.  Early evidence on students enrolling at Western Kentucky University this fall is very impressive:

In the fall of 2012, almost 66 percent of AC-S graduates entering WKU had to take some form of remedial classes, because, at least in some subject areas, they weren’t academically prepared for collegiate-level work. That year, the state average was 54.2 percent.

A year later, things had changed little for AC-S, at 66 percent, though the state average had actually worsened, climbing to 63.4 percent.

But this fall marked the first incoming WKU freshman class to see AC-S students who had been through the entire three years of Advance AP courses. The change was dramatic: 90 percent of incoming AC-S graduates needed no remedial courses. As [
Director of Instruction Rick Fisher] put it, “We’ve gone from only 30 percent who didn’t need remedial courses to only 10 percent who did need them.”

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