Monday, April 4, 2011

Early college successes stories!

Here's a national follow-up to Saturday's post on Kentucky college-in-high-school options. The Early College High School Initiative, launched in 2002 as a Jobs for the Future effort, reports that:
Since then, 230 schools across 28 states have joined to serve nearly 50,000 students each year. They are predominately young people of color. Many are from low-income families, and few of their parents have attended college. Despite these facts, they have achieved remarkable results:
• 92% of students graduate from high school (compared to the national rate of 69%)
• 86% of graduates enroll in college immediately after high school
• 78% of graduates earn at least some college credits
• 44% of graduates earn more than a year of college credits
• 24% of graduates earn 2 years of college credit or an Associate’s degree
Four new reports issued in March –also from JFF– enrich the story:

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