Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Common Core: moving in Maine, settled in Kentucky

Maine's governor has signed the documents to complete state adoption of the Common Core Standards, and EdWeek's Catherine Gewertz updates her wonderful map to show 44 states and the District of Columbia on board, with Alaska, Montana, North Dakota, NevadaNebraska, Texas, and Virginia (plus Minnesota on math only) still charting an independent course.

Of course, many of these states are in the very earliest phases of thinking through implementation.  For example, in planning the next phase of professional development for the Gates literacy initiative, the outline for nationwide use starts with "Introduction to the Common Core."

What are Kentuckians to do when they come across the idea of "introducing" Common Core sometime next year?  Open bragging on our teachers would be impolite, but our schools are really are already investing deeply in understanding and implementing the new standards.  Considering how far we've come and how fast we're pushing ahead, I think we're each allowed a small, quiet, happy nod of pride.  Maybe two.

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  1. I think we need to pat ourselves on the back,too, for having in place the public engagement piece,ReadyKentucky,that introduces the why and how of the new common standards to parents and community members.


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