Monday, December 13, 2010

Measuring effective teachers: more on who's doing the work

The Measuring Effective Teachers Project involves teachers from Charlotte-Mecklenberg, Dallas, Denver, Hillsborough County (which includes Tampa), Memphis, and New York City, and the work is directed by Thomas Kane and Steven Cantrell of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The MET report issued last Friday identifies a wide array of other experts contributing to the effort.  I'm not familiar with every name, but I do see very nearly all the organizations and individuals I've heard Kentucky educators mention as insightful scholars and effective organizations working in this field.

As "lead research partners," the report lists:
  • Mark Atkinson, Teachscape
  • Nancy Caldwell, Westat
  • Ron Ferguson, Harvard University
  • Drew Gitomer, Educational Testing Service
  • Eric Hirsch, New Teacher Center
  • Dan McCaffrey, RAND
  • Roy Pea, Stanford University
  • Geoffrey Phelps, Educational Testing Service
  • Rob Ramsdell, Cambridge Education
  • Doug Staiger, Dartmouth College
 As "key contributors," the report identifies:
  • Joan Auchter, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
  • Charlotte Danielson, The Danielson Group
  • Dan Goldhaber, University of Washington
  • Pam Grossman, Stanford University
  • Bridget Hamre, University of Virginia
  • Heather Hill, Harvard University
  • Sabrina Laine, American Institutes for Research
  • Catherine McClellan, Educational Testing Service
  • Denis Newman, Empirical Education
  • Raymond Pecheone, Stanford University
  • Robert Pianta, University of Virginia
  • Morgan Polikoff, University of Southern California
  • Steve Raudenbush, University of Chicago
  • John Winn, National Math and Science Initiative

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