Sunday, December 12, 2010

Averaging 2006, 2007, and 2008 results, Towson University in Maryland graduated:
  • 67 percent of its white students
  • 67 percent of its African-American students
  • 70 percent of its Hispanic students
That's gold-standard work, well above the national average 55 percent and with no gap between white and black results.  Today's Washington Post explores how Towson makes it happen:
In 10 years, according to school data, Towson has raised black graduation rates by 30 points and closed a 14-point gap between blacks and whites. University leaders credit a few simple strategies: admitting students with good grades from strong public high schools, then tracking each student's progress with a network of mentors, counselors and welcome-to-college classes.
"Regardless of your background, there's people here for you who understand what you're going through," said Kenan Herbert, 23, an African American Towson senior from Brooklyn, N.Y.
Towson's president sounds like my favorite Kentucky superintendents when he takes institutional responsibility for institutional outcomes:
"The goal has been, if you take them in, you should graduate them," said Robert Caret, Towson president since 2003.

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