Saturday, September 18, 2010

Transition index updates

Yes, transition index numbers for the whole state  will be available again this year, no later than:

  • October 4 for overall school results.
  • October 18 for results for disaggregated groups.
We'll start work as soon as the Department releases the data on the 23rd, and then we'll calculate, calculate, check, check, and recheck our results.  Then we'll announce their availability by e-mail, press release, and blog post, and KASC will share the full files for download at

This project is a joint effort of the Prichard Committee, the Council for Better Education, and the Kentucky Association of School Councils,  Our goal is to allow schools, districts, and the state to see the big picture trend for all subjects during Kentucky's 2009 to 2011 transitional testing system.

To see your local results more quickly, you can also enter numbers from your own school or district into this Excel calculator.  To get a single index for a whole district, do the calculation for all three levels, add up the results, and divide by three.

Background basics on this project are available here, more posts on the process and results here, and the results for past years here.

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