Thursday, September 2, 2010

Strength in small faces

It's been a tough week, and I'd like to close it by thanking two tiny Kentuckians.

Last Friday, these smiling faces gave me the perfect reminder of why that day's parent workshop mattered and why the work of the Prichard Committee is so essential.

These two are Jo Jo and Penny Jolly, two of my youngest "grand-students."  Their dad, Paul, studied with my husband at Centre, and he and Mary are regular participants in our rolling "alumni seminar" that chews through important books each summer.

Jo Jo and Penny, along with their big brother Brandon, are among the Kentucky children I imagine when I think of the work ahead.

Our schools, and our efforts to strengthen them, must measure up to the energy and promise of these children and thousands of others across the commonwealth.

So, thank you, Penny and Jo Jo, for being yourselves and being right where I needed you this week.

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  1. Perfect Susan. Absolutely the best reason to remember Bob and the work he did. It is why we all do what we do and care how we care. As always you hit the nail precisely on the head! Thank you!


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