Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bob's voice at dawn

“We've spent the last 100 years near the bottom,” Dr. Sexton told The Courier-Journal's Pam Platt in an interview last year. “Let's spend the next 100 years much closer to the top. We've shown we can do this.”
That's from today's C-J's editorial, and so exactly what my spirit needed to hear this morning.


  1. Fannie Louise MadduxAugust 28, 2010 at 10:26 AM

    I witnessed a great tribute to Bob Sexton when I was at the Commonwealth Institute for Parent Leadership-STEM in Bowling Green yesterday. The Prichard Committee staff, though in the throes of grief, carried through the full day's agemda with fortitude and grace. It was a picture of "keeping on keeping on" in Bob's words. What better way to "spend the next 100 years getting much closer to the top."

  2. I too, was in the first graduating class of Waggener High School. Bob Sexton served in many extra-curricular activities during his Sophomore, Junior and Senior years. However, he was not the class valedictorian, two girls (anonymous) shared that honor in 1960.


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