Thursday, July 22, 2010


The Kentucky Department of Education, led by Commissioner Holliday, is now organized into six offices, each with divisions.

Guiding Support Services/General Counsel (Kevin Brown)
  • Communications and Community Engagement (Lisa Gross)
  • District 180 (Sally Sugg)
  • Innovation and Partner Engagement (David Cook)

Administration and Support (Hiren Desai)
  • Budget and Financial Management (Charles Harman)
  • Resource Management (Lynn McGowan-McNear)
  • District Support (Kay Kennedy)
  • School and Community Nutrition (Denise Hagan)

Knowledge, Information and Data Services (David Couch)
  • Engineering and Management (Mike Leadingham)
  • Operations and Services (Phil Coleman)

Next-Generation Schools and Districts (Larry Stinson)
  • Consolidated Plans and Audits (Debbie Hicks)
  • Next-Generation Professionals (Michael Dailey)

Assessment and Accountability (Ken Draut)
  • Assessment Design and Implementation (Kevin Hill)
  • Support and Research (Rhonda Sims)

Next-Generation Learners (Felicia Cumings-Smith)
  • Program Standards (Michael Miller)
  • Learning Services (Larry Taylor)
  • Early Childhood (Annette Bridges)

Each of the six offices is led by an associate commissioner (named above in parentheses), and each division by a director (ditto).  At the top, an entire organizational level for deputy commissioners is gone.

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