Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kenton County shares strategies (at Harvard)

Their collaborative model is getting some well-earned national attention:
More than 100 school administrators in Harvard's pre K-12 Professional Development Program will hear from Superintendent Tim Hanner, Deputy Superintendent Terri Cox-Cruey and Kenton County Teachers Association President Sharon Cross as they present Strengthening the Quality of Instruction through Improved Communication and Mutual Respect - a presentation that outlines how the district's teachers and top administrators worked together to develop a common approach for high-quality instruction.
The district worked with its teachers union to develop a common language and understanding of professional practices by forming a committee of more than 70 of the district's educators and administrators who worked together for several years to develop a Professional Practices Rubric designed specifically for the district.
"The unique aspect about the presentation is that it's not about the Professional Practices Rubric and what we put together - it's about the process of how we got there," said Hanner. "We built a partnership based on respect and cooperation, and that was the key to its success."
The full Enquirer article is here.

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