Friday, January 22, 2010

Standards schedule seems to have slowed

Here's a reprint of a blog post I shared on December 4:
Flypaper's Amber Winkler reports from a briefing this morning on the status of the Common Core language arts and mathematics standards:
  1. The K-12 back-mapped standards in reading and in math will be released for public comment on January 4th.
  2. “Early” February is still the timeline for the final draft of both the end-of-high-school standards and the back-mapped ones in both subjects.
That's not a big delay from the original timeline of being done by December 2009, but it does mean the Kentucky Board of Education will not meet the Senate Bill 1 deadline for new mathematics standards.
Since they're not out as of January 22nd, I'm thinking we're looking at a further delay in the draft for comment, surely affecting the dates for final release of the common edition and official Kentucky action on state adoption.

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