Sunday, November 15, 2009

Where the RTTT points are

Each state's Race to the Top application will be scored against a maximum of 500 possible points. Here's a quick visual of how those points are divided up:

Below is a more specific list of the elements to be considered in each category, and the points available for each element. Do note that the application form (available here) shows charters, state funding, and other reforms as parts of the "general" section: I showed them separately in the pie chart because the charter issue has received so much discussion.

Great teachers and leaders
  • 21 for providing high-quality pathways for aspiring teachers and principals
  • 58 for improving teacher and principal effectiveness based on performance
  • 25 for ensuring equitable distribution of effective teachers and principals
  • 14 for improving the effectiveness of teacher and principal preparation programs
  • 20 for providing effective support to teachers and principals
State success factors
  • 65 for a state’s education reform agenda and districts’ participation in it
  • 30 for statewide capacity to implement, scale, up, and sustain proposed plans
  • 30 progress in raising achievement and closing gaps
Standards and Assessments
  • 40 for developing and adopting common standards
  • 10 for developing and implementing common, high-quality assessments
  • 20 for supporting the transition to enhanced standards and high-quality assessments
Turning around the lowest achieving schools
  • 10 for intervening in the lowest achieving schools and districts
  • 40 for turning around the lowest achieving schools
Data systems to support instruction
  • 24 for fully implementing a statewide longitudinal data system
  • 5 for accessing and using state data
  • 18 for using data to improve instruction
  • 10 for making educational funding a priority
  • 40 for successful conditions for high performing charter schools and other innovative schools
  • 5 for other significant reform conditions
Emphasis on STEM
  • 15 for emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics efforts

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