Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Disability gaps in perspective (fourth grade version)

Two quick thoughts on the math results shown above.

First, Kentucky must deliver much more for our students with disabilities.
Second, Kentucky is already doing a better job than the nation overall.

As shown below, the same two thoughts apply to our reading results from two years ago and our science results from two years before that. (I hope it's clear which of the two thoughts I think is the more important one.)
All scores taken from the NAEP Data Explorer.


  1. If anyone from KDE is reading this, can you please give us an update as to when the Kentucky data is going to be released for the 2009 NCLB and Interim Reports for students with disabilities? It is quickly approaching two months since the error was found. Thank you.

  2. Nice to see Kentucky is ahead of the other states, but you are right we have a long way to go in closing this gap. I think it starts with truly believing that ALL kids will be proficient, not just some.

  3. There is no question that we must do better. As a parent of a student with a SLD, it is most important. I think we need to offer these kids more technology. My son is a sophmore in college and it would be much easier if he had been exposed to more technology. A kid with a SLD, may never learn to read above a 3rd or 4th grade level. But, they can still make it in life, including college.


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