Monday, June 8, 2015

Great Graduation Maps (from EdWeek)

As part of its "Diploma Counts" coverage, EdWeek is offering color coded maps of state graduation rates for various groups.  It's a wonderful approach, letting viewers click quickly from group to group and experience the gaps as vivid changes.  The darkest blue is used for the strongest results, while the darkest orange-brown identifies the weakest outcomes.

Above, results for economically disadvantaged students, with Kentucky's 85% rate shown as well above the national average of 73%, tied with Texas, and better (when you mouse over each jurisdiction) than the results in each of the other states.

Below, results for students with limited English proficiency are far lower, though our 64% rate is a bit better than the national 61%.

Do give these powerful maps a close look: they'll make sure that the differences sink into your bones.

(Added note: Consider a cautious viewing of the map for students with disabilities. It shows a 52%  Kentucky graduation rate for students with disabilities, while Kentucky's school report card data file shows a 74% rate.  The SRC 2012-13 file matches EdWeek for every other group, so there may be a data glitch somewhere. PrichBlog will try to find out why the numbers don't match and which statistics accurately reflect results for those students.)

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