Monday, April 20, 2015

High School Feedback Reports Show Need for Stronger Supports for Students' Success

Here's a post by Brigitte Blom Ramsey:

Last week, Kentucky released high school feedback reports highlighting the college going and college success rates for students from each of Kentucky's high schools. This is the third year the Kentucky Center for Education and Workforce Statistics has released these numbers. This year's reports look at college going for the class of 2012 and first year college success for the class of 2011.

Here are some interesting data points and some food for thought:

61.7 - is the percent of 2012 Kentucky public high school graduates going immediately on to college. This is up only slightly over the two years prior.

15.6 - is the percent who earned 30 credits in their freshman year, keeping them on track to be a sophomore their second year in college.

12.1 - is the average number of college credits earned by first year students whose ACT scores showed they were not fully ready for college upon leaving high school.

22.9 - is the average number of college credits earned by students their first year in college who were ready for college based on their ACT score.

These last three data points are particularly concerning. The low number of credit hours earned by so many full-time college students their first year is likely a result of one or more of the following factors: students having to take remedial classes that don't carry college credit, students not being successful in one or more classes their freshman year, or students not taking enough credit hours each semester.

For successful transitions from high school to postsecondary to take place, college/career readiness is critical, but so is appropriate counseling support for all students in both high school and college. College/career counselors can help ensure students pursue the right postsecondary option for them and prove successful in that all important first year after high school.

To view the "Kentucky High School Feedback Report on College Going" and the "Kentucky High School Feedback Report on College Success" for your district or high school, please use this link.

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