Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Only 699 were ready

Our statewide school report card shows that in 2014, only 699 students with disabilities graduated ready for college or career, while 2,393 graduated without being ready for successful futures. 

Quite a few more did not graduate: the school report card shows a four-year cohort graduation rate of 70.8% for students with disabilities, and I did a quick backward calculation to form the estimate of 1,275 non-graduates shown above.

There are some other ways to state this problem.  We can say that 23% of graduates with disabilities were college or career ready, compared to 65% of graduates without such disabilities.  Or we can say that about 16% of students with disabilities who started high school in 2010 graduated college and career ready four years later, compared to 58% of their classmates without disabilities.

Still, it's the simplest number that seems most haunting: only 699 were ready.

 --Posted by Susan Perkins Weston

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  1. Please post a link to validity studies justifying the projective statements based on common core tests. How were cut-off scores determined to place an individual in the ready vs. not ready group? Is there predictive research for these tests showing they really do indicate who is ready to start on a path to gainful employment and personal fulfillment? Are the tests equally valid for those with disabilities as for those without? I'm curious whether the yearly feedback many with disabilities receive that they are performing at an inadequate level (e.g."novice") impacts school self-esteem and desire to engage in academics and complete high school.


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