Saturday, December 8, 2012

Top 20 in deeper detail

In 2008, the Prichard Committee challenged Kentucky to set its sites on having schools in the top twenty of the fifty states on a set of important indicators, and shared Kentucky's standings at that point.  This week, the 2012 report on state progress toward those goals is out, and as Stu Silberman has noted, it "offers reason for a real sense of pride and also a real sense of urgency.”

New results show Kentucky moving up on ten of the twenty categories, either reaching the Top 20 or improving at a rate to get there by 2020. Kentucky ranks:
  • 4th in fourth-grade science 
  • 11th in fourth-grade reading 
  • 13th in eighth-grade reading 
  • 16th in completion of associate’s degrees 
  • 17th in eighth-grade science 
  • 21st in family share of higher education costs 
  • 25th in fourth-grade math 
  • 28th in average teacher salary 
  • 30th in adults with a high school diploma or equivalent 
  • 31st in high school graduates going on to college 

On five categories, new results show gains, but the state is moving too slowly to reach the Top 20 on time. Kentucky ranks:
  • 29th in students earning AP college credit 
  • 32nd in eighth-grade math 
  • 35th in bachelor’s degree completion 
  • 38th in bachelor’s degree attainment 
  • 43rd in share of bachelor’s degrees earned in science, technology, engineering and math 

New results show Kentucky stuck or losing ground on three categories. Kentucky ranks:
  • 21st in per-pupil higher education funding 
  • 29th in preschool enrollment 
  • 41st in per-pupil K-12 funding 

Two categories had no new data since the 2012 report. In those areas, Kentucky still ranks:
  • 20th in fourth-grade writing, based on 2002 data 
  • 36th in eighth-grade writing, based on 2007 data
Do check out the complete report, with trend graphs from 2008 forward and Prichard recommendations for reaching the Top 20 goals over the coming eight years.  It's an important way of understanding Kentucky's past progress and making sure we move even more strongly forward in the coming years.

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