Friday, November 2, 2012

Disaggregated results (because it's about every child)

Take what we already knew about achievement gaps between student groups.  Combine it with our growing understanding that all students need to move up to a substantially higher definition of proficiency.  The results are painful to see--and this post invites you to see that pain. The results below are high school results only.

Please let them make you sad.  Especially, let yourself ache a bit about the results for students with disabilities and students with limited English proficiency, and the continuing legacy of unequal education for students of color.

Then, let them make you strong, because we have plenty of work ahead!

(All the results are taken from the online statewide School Report Card.)


  1. Susan - Can you help clarify that these results are from the End of Course Exams in English (10th grade), Algebra 2, Biology, and US History? And are the Reading and Language Mechanics scores both from the English 10 EOC exam?

  2. Cindy, thank you for the question.

    The Reading, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies Scores are indeed from those four End-of-Course Exams.

    The Language Mechanics score is from the grade 10 Plan Test, while the Writing score is from a separate assessment of on-demand writing.


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