Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Losing a little ground on college enrollment

Kentucky has slipped backward a bit in our percent of recent high school graduates going on to college, while the  nation as a whole gained ground. The chart above includes graduates of Kentucky public and private high schools who enroll in degree-granting institutions anywhere in the country.  While we were 26th among the 50 states on this indicator in 2006, these updated results put us 31st.

The 2008 information above comes from Digest of Education Statistics 2010, now partially available on-line.  The 2006 results are from the 2008 edition of the same publication


  1. Any numbers on how many of the 60.9% going to college actually obtained a degree within 4-5 years? If so, how does that number stack up with the rest of the nation?

  2. Kim,

    The best college completion numbers I've found are displayed at www.higheredinfo.org, but they come with some caveats.

    For bachelor's degrees, 45% of students who entered Kentucky schools as full-time students in 2002 completed their degrees at the same school by 2008. There are two wobbles in that: not counting students who start out part-time and not counting students who graduate from another schools.

    For associate's degrees, 28% of students who entered Kentucky schools as full-time students in 2005 completed degrees by 2008. Same problems.

    That bachelor's completion rate puts Kentucky 42nd in the nation, while the associate's rate ranks us 28th.


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