Monday, April 5, 2010

No apologies for our RTTT unity points (not even to the New York Times)

The Times reported yesterday that:
Officials from several states criticized the scoring of the [Race to the Top] contest, which favored states able to gain support from 100 percent of school districts and local teachers’ unions for Obama administration objectives like expanding charter schools, reworking teacher evaluation systems and turning around low-performing schools.
The article goes so far as to quote Colorado's governor as saying the outcome was like an "American skater with a Soviet judge from the 1980s.”


Right in the application, the scoring guide made it perfectly clear that 45 out of 500 points would be awarded based on local commitment to implementing the plan.

Those points were just as well publicized as the 32 points for charters, the 138 points for great teachers and leaders, and everything else that counted in judging the applications.

Here in Kentucky, we downloaded the application and read it.

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