Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Almost $40 million already cut from SEEK program

Kentucky is sending districts $39,723,567 less in SEEK funds this year than the state provided last year.

Five districts are receiving more than ten percent less than they received last year :
  • Murray Independent: 21 percent of its SEEK allocation and $1,065,487
  • Frankfort Independent: 15 percent and $533,212
  • Lewis County: 12 percent and $1,451,375
  • Jackson Independent: 12 percent and $268,275
  • Lyon County: 10 percent and $252,727
Eleven districts are receiving more than $1 million less:
  • Jefferson County: $5,237,711 and 2 percent of its SEEK allocation
  • Pike County: $1,615,926 and 4 percent
  • Letcher County: $1,512,569 and 9 percent
  • Lewis County: $1,451,375 and 12 percent
  • Floyd County: $1,357,355 and 5 percent
  • Harlan County: $1,303,802 and 7 percent
  • Hopkins County: $1,253,451 and 4 percent
  • Perry County: $1,253,250 and 7 percent
  • Daviess County: $1,247,349 and 3 percent
  • Christian County: $1,214,699 and 3 percent
  • Murray Independent: $1,065,487 and 21 percent
Only 36 of 174 districts received a funding increase, and sixteen of those received increases of less than one percent.

So, let's stop saying the state hasn't cut P-12 funding yet. We've actually seen cuts to the Department of Education, the Education Professional Standards Board, and to smaller state funding grants, and we've seen nearly $40 million cut from SEEK itself.

To see figures for your own school district, click here to download a complete list.

To see my original sources, download KDE's 2008 2009 Revised SEEK Final Summary (dated 3/12/09) and
2009-10 SEEK Tentative Summary.xls (dated 9-16-09). In the 2009-10 file, notice that the "adjust to appropriation" column shows dollars that are coming from the federal stimulus legislation: I've added those into the amounts I'm counting as part of state spending.

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  1. Does the dispute between the Muray Independent District and the Calloway District have anything to do with Murray receiving less SEEK money? My understanding is that the Callway Co. District is refussing to release state money for students that live in their district but attend school in the Murray District and has been for many years now. Murray is still accepting and educating these students (and their score prove it) but at a price of NOT receiving the appropriate funding from the state. Isn't this just hurting the entire area, not just the Murray District? This is money that could easily be added from the state to help educate the students in the community at a time when so many budget cuts are occuring. Is there anything that can be done?


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